The next generation in tissue processing technology

The next generation in tissue processing technology

About The Tispa Tissue Processor

The Tispa Tissue Processor had been rated by pathologists as the most reliable in the business and sets the new standard in tissue processing.

Tispa raises the bar of tissue processing with its shorter process times, same or better results of HE and IHC, high reproducibility and unprecedented DNA quality, while removing toxic compounds like xylene and formalin from the lab.

A high quality, safe, clean, more efficient and environmental friendly pathology laboratory is reality!

Process times of four hours or shorter for ALL types of tissue enable an even distribution of paraffin impregnated tissues ready for further processing on the pathology lab, Tispa’s workflow aligns seamlessly with the digital slide scanner’s workflow.

Not using xylene as a clearing medium and processing non-formalin fixated tissues does not compromise on the quality of HE and IHC and results in a high yield and quality of DNA/RNA, making histopathology laboratories future-ready for Next Generation Sequencing.


Tispa sets new standards in tissue processing through its patented chemical free process, modular retorts enabling different protocols in parallel, and a process time of approximately 4 hours for standard grossed, fatty tissue specimens.


The short process time of the Tispa results in an even distribution of paraffin impregnated tissues in the pathology laboratory, ready for further processing. Tispa’s balanced workflow aligns perfectly with the pathology digital slide scanner’s workflow!


The Tispa Tissue processor has been rated by pathologists as one of the most reliable in the business.

The numbers


Reduction of toxic compounds xylene and formalin

0 Min

Number of minutes between finishing a protocol and starting a protocol

0 Min

Downtime in minutes due to retort cleaning after a run

About Us

Tispa Medical B.V. established in 2007 and is a privately owned specialist Medical Device Company in the field of histopathology.
Based in The Netherlands, our mission is to bring the next generation
of tissue processors to histopathology. Through our disruptive technology,
we are providing superior diagnostics at a lower price point whilst also
reducing several sources of misdiagnosis. Our cleantech contributes to a
healthier working environment for lab technicians, while improving
workflow and reducing toxic waste.

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