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Tispa Medical B.V. established in 2007 and is a privately owned specialist Medical Device Company in the field of histopathology. Based in The Netherlands, our mission is to bring the next generation of tissue processors to histopathology. Through our disruptive technology, we are providing superior diagnostics at a lower price point whilst also reducing several sources of misdiagnosis. Our cleantech contributes to a healthier working environment for lab technicians, while improving workflow and reducing toxic waste.

The technology at the basis of our tissue processors came into existence in 2005 as a result of a joint project between the University Medical Center of Groningen and FeyeCon Development & Implementation B.V.. A patent was subsequently registered for a distinct process using supercritical CO2.

Our sole focus has been histopathology – the preparation and analysis of tissue samples for diagnostic processing. Our first machine – the Tispa I processor- already brought innovation to the field of histopathology. Thanks to the invaluable feedback of our customers and stakeholders, we have developed the Tispa II processor; the culmination of combined wisdom and practice. Simply put, it has been designed by the histopathology industry for the histopathology industry.

Erik Bleuel

Erik Bleuel

Inventor of the Tispa technology
“A standard working method also requires a standard processing method. Tispa ensures the same quality every run”.
Geert Woerlee

Dr. Geert Woerlee

Executive Director Tispa Medical
“It’s time to deliver on the promise”.
Ian Spoelstra

Ian Spoelstra

Managing Director Tispa Medical
“I strongly believe that the Tispa II will set the new standard in Tissue Processing”.

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