Setting The Benchmark

The technologic edge that Tispa provides is to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis from defective tissue processing to near zero. In an analysis of the diagnoses of breast tissue biopsies from 155 different pathologists and 240 samples, it was found that the risk of misdiagnosing biopsies is very real. Our aim, among other things, has been to help medical professionals mitigate that risk while providing them with a level of tissue quality enabling molecular diagnostics.

We achieve this thanks to our patented process, that uses lower processing temperatures and softer reagents. Lower process temperature causes less tissue degradation with superior DNA/RNA yield, while providing higher contrast in the staining of samples. A sharper image and stronger coloration of cells allows for a more accurate diagnosis and zero error. Our entire process operates to ISO 15189 standards for complex oncological tissue as set by the Joint Commission International (“JCI”).

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