The New Benchmark


Working with the Tispa Tissue Processor brings a multitude of advantages to the pathology lab. Having the Tispa on your lab:

  • Removes xylene and formalin from the laboratory
  • Drastically reduces process times of all tissues
  • Optimizes workflow by enabling multiple different protocols simultaneously
  • Guarantees consistent quality by using clean ethanol every run
  • Results in same or better quality HE- and IHC diagnostics
  • Brings unprecedented yield and quality of DNA and RNA
  • Rules out destruction of tissues in case of a run error or human error, tissues can always be re-processed

All The Benefits

For the Pathologist

  • Consistent high quality of HE and IHC.
  • More efficient workload due to an even distribution of tissues during the day.
  • High quality and yield of DNA/RNA.
  • Reduction of potential misdiagnosis.

For The Manager

  • No toxic compounds: no xylene, no formalin.
  • Tispa reduces running costs with 50% compared to traditional tissue processors.
  • Efficient workflow by processing all types of tissue in 4 hours or less with two independent operating retorts.
  • No destruction of tissues in case of a run error.
  • A Return of Investment of 1 year.

For the Staff

  • No exposure to formalin and xylene.
  • Standard Gross sectioning protocol.
  • Easy sectioning of impregnated tissues.
  • No pre- of after treatment for fatty tissues.
  • Easy handling of reagents and waste.

For The Patient

  • Reduced period of anxiety and uncertainty due to same day diagnosis.
  • Necessary treatment can commence faster.
  • Zero chance of re-biopsy.

Superior Diagnostics

Tissue1 WS
Tissue2 WS
Tissue3 WS
Tissue4 WS

Competitor Analysis

There have been important developments in the industry over the years, some being: same day diagnosis, Next Generation Sequencing, xylene free applications, and improved workflows. However, one machine combining all of these developments was not available in the marketplace until today..

Moreover, removing formalin from the pathology lab did not seem possible. Until now!

The Tispa Tissue Processor is the first of a new generation of machines enabling all these capabilities to be found in a single tissue processor. It offers clean, fast, versatile, and failure proof high quality tissue processing, setting the standard for the Next Generation Sequencing.

As an affordable investment with significantly lower operating costs, delivering optimal quality, the benefits to all stakeholders are self-evident. Within a year of purchase, our machine will deliver a full return on investment, increase patient safety, while decreasing false positives and negatives.

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