Tispa and Isala Klinieken join forces in formalin-free tissue processing

The Tispa Tissue Processor will set the new standard with its xylene-free and formalin-free tissue processing. In close cooperation with Isala Klinieken, Tispa will remove xylene and formalin from the histopathology lab.

On February 9th 2024 we signed an agreement with Isala Klinieken – a large hospital in the East of The Netherlands – to further develop formalin free tissue processing. Isala Klinieken is a happy and satisfied user of the Tispa technology since 2018, fully acknowledging the benefits our machines brings: no xylene, short process times for all tissue types and sizes, high quality diagnostics.

The Tispa Tissue Processor is known for its xylene free process, but we can add formalin free tissue processing as a huge benefit to everyone involved in pathology!

Formalin is harmful to the environment, carcinogenic and actually banned in some countries, but can still be used due to an exception under permit for hospitals. Our new method makes tissue processing safer, faster and cleaner.

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